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Free Office Suite Software

Before purchasing an expensive word processing and spreadsheet program from a local retailer it is worth the time to browse at Sun Microsystems is the cheif sponsor and contributor.

This package is not a just a free alternative to other expensive software packages. It is a very powerful office productivity suite.

OpenOffice is compatible with all other major office suites and can save, open and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents.


This software has everything that you would expect from a modern office software package.

  • Compatible with all other major office suites.
  • Can export files directly to Adobe PDF documents.
  • Includes:
    • Writer - Word Processor
    • Calc - Spreadsheet
    • Base - Database
    • Impress - Presentations
    • Draw - Flowcharts or other vector graphics.
    • Math - Create mathematical functions.
  • Free download.

Open Office Suite is not trial software and it does not expire. It is free of charge and it is comparable to the MS Office Suite.

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