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Allen/Auglaize County, Ohio Genealogy Information

CD: Mack Cemetery

Survey Date: 3/14/2005

Publish Date: 8/06/2005

1 cemetery is included on this CD.

We have surveyed the entire cemetery. Pictures of each monument are included.

See list of names below.

Better than a list --This is a Searchable database with pictures.

Easy to find family members.

This cemetery is located on Deep Cut / Fort Amanda Road in Amanda Township, Allen Co., Ohio, on the north side of the road about one quarter mile East of Monfort / Eisley Road. This cemetery is in Allen County on the Allen / Auglaize County line. Towns cities and landmarks in the area include Ft. Amanda, Kossuth, Spencerville, Buckland & Lima Ohio.

  • We have included our CemViewer database viewer, included at no cost.
  • Search for First names, lastname, rows or monument stone.
  • Cut and paste information & pictures to your documents.

General information about this CD

  • This CD contains at least 1 picture of each stone still visible or base of stone.
  • There are 2 pictures when monuments have inscriptions on the back and front sides.
  • Some Stones have 3 photos.
  • Large towering stones will have a closeup and a full view.
  • Inscription information, when legible, is typed and included in the database.
  • Information from stones includes Names, Dates, location of the monument and a cemetery map.

Not just names, pictures too.

Deaths ranging from 1863 to 1955

There are 52 entries included on this CD.

Last Names / Surnames included are:

Alspaugh Boyer Craft Gracely Hager Harruff Hydaker Mack Metzger Saiter Schively Shively Trunk Zuber

This cemetery is well kept and very few of the monuments were difficult to read.

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