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Cemeteries of Van Wert County, Ohio Genealogy Information

aka Reidenbach
aka Richey Cemetery

According to previous transcripts this cemetery was located in Harrison Township in Van Wert County, Ohio on land that may have been owned by the Pancake family. According to the information the stones from this cemetery were used for foundations of nearby buildings and the cemetery was plowed over.

Below are two photos of the area near where the cemetery once must have been located. These photographs were taken on February 19, 2005.

van-wert-county-harrison-twp-pancake-aka-ritchey-reidenbach-cemetery-OH-CO-1 (59K)

van-wert-county-harrison-twp-pancake-aka-ritchey-reidenbach-cemetery-OH-CO-2 (61K)

This cemetery was located in the North-West corner of Van Wert County near the Ohio and Indiana state line. Towns & cities in the area include Convoy, & Van Wert, Ohio. The cemetery was located in Harrison Township in Van Wert Co., OH.

Deaths ranging from the 1850 's thru 1870 's

There are 39 individuals listed.

Last Names / Surnames included are:

Baxter Burns Capper Copper Gilbert Hawkins Heath Hope Ingall Ramsey Reardon Richey Sheets Storm Pancake

More information will be added to this page.

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