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This program is an add on utility for the CemEditor to create web pages from the cemetery databases. (Registration Sold Separately)


See the CemEditor Recommended Download

Version 1.1.0005

  • ADDED: Explore button.
  • ADDED: CemToHTM now displays in the task bar while being used.
  • ADDED: On initial startup the CemToHTM loads default settings for "Prefix- of file names" an "Picture size"
  • ADDED: CemToHTM now checks the "Prefix- of file names" and if entry is blank a default of Cemetery is automatically entered.

Version 1.1.0004

This version was not released. It is listed here as documentation only.
  • Maintenance: Although no problems were reported the previous versions could generate and error message when a database has a blank row after a row with entries. This update accounts for and prevents this error from occuring.

Version 1.1.0003

  • Added: The link to the CemToHTM products page that was created on each page can now be turned on or off. It was automatically on in the previous version.

Version 1.1.0002

  • Added: The program now defaults to a picture size of 320 when entry of picture size is omitted. Omission of the picture size would prevent the individual pages from being created correctly.
  • Added: An additional sorting routine has been added for compatibility with previous versions of the CemEditor databases.
  • Added: Style sheet files that will hide the navigation links when printing are created automatically.
  • Corrected: Individual page links were being created when the "Make Individual Pages" checkbox was not selected.

Original Version 1.1.0001

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