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Cemetery Mapping Software

Convert Cemetery Transcriptions To Maps

The CemMapper is an add-on to the CemEditor that will create grid maps of the entered cemetery. With correct entry the software will display the cemetery in multiple 9 X 9 grids, showing the names on each stone which will allow those viewing a stone of interest to easily see names on the surrounding stones. By clicking on the name/stone detailed transcription information will be displayed. This is a good tool for recording endangered cemeteries.

The cemetery mapping software is not difficult to use, but does require some more detail recording the transcriptions at the cemetery.

The Mapping Worksheet can be downloaded and printed. It is provided to help in recording the position of the existing stones/graves. Empty graves do not have to be entered for the CemMapper. If the positions are entered correctly the software will produce the map and "know" where the empty graves are. The following example: Louth-Fissel-Haver Cemetery Mapped was produced using the CemMapper. For more information about entering data for the CemMapper please see the Mapping Guide.

Like the CemEditor and CemViewer the CemMapper will work with or without pictures. This software will work great as an on site method to view cemetery transcriptions or maps of a cemetery at a historical society, share with family members, or use in a genealogy society's library.

It works with or without pictures, however when photos are included, these transcriptions become a valuable resource to researchers as well as an excellent way to preserve a cemetery.

If placing the transcriptions on a CD he only real limit of data to be published on the CD is the CD size of 700mb. A CD should easily hold over 5,000 names and 10,000 to 15,000 pictures with a normal resolution picture sized at 640 X 480 which is about 68kb per photo. Larger photos will work too.

If you a already have the information entered in a program that can export as CSV you can import it directly into the CemEditor and then by adding information to the Zone and ZonePosition fields the information can be used by the cemetery mapping software to create a simple grid map of the cemetery. CSV is a format many popular word processors, databases and spreadsheets can save or export to.


To publish information on a CD:
In addition to this software you will need CD Writer and Software. If you are using Windows XP you already have the CD writing software you need.

To publish information on a web site:
In addition to this software you will need FTP program, and a server on the web. Many Internet Service Providers have space that you can use as part of your normal account. There are many free FTP programs available on the internet.

Features CemMapper - Cemetery Mapping Software

Initial Version 1.0.0004

  • Single in one database
  • Individual pages can contain up to 3 photos per monument.
  • Create a cemetery information page for each cemetery.
  • Create a Zone Map and Grid Map, Cemetery Index, a Master Index.
  • Allows entry of your own header and footer information including HTML or plain text.
  • Easy to follow instructions.

Included with your purchase:

  • The CemMapper software licensed to you or your organization.
  • Instructions, support, help, and useful tips.
  • **We will include a link and/or a page on our web site to the cemeteries you have transcribed.

Screen shots

The image below is half the actual size of the screen, for a full sized view click here.

CemToHTM Screenshot


  • A licensed copy of CemEditor
  • IBM Compatible Computer capable of running Windows 95 - XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • At least 3MB of Free space on Hard Drive
  • *A CD Writer & Software (Not Required)(Required only to publish CDs)
  • *FTP (Not Required)(Required only to publish to a web site)
  • *Web Space (Not Required)(Required only to publish to a web site) (Most Internet providers include this with you monthly account)


CemMapper only. (You must already have a copy of the CemEditor) See requirements.


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