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OVS-WebScripts: WebCem

Online cemetery transcriptions viewer.

*** Easy to setup and use ***
Professional script for your website.
Online Example
Main Features:
  • Easy to use.
  • Professional looking web based transcriptions.
  • Template driven index, individual page and cemetery info page.
  • Add or change fields to display in index.
  • Built in debugging.
  • FREE protected image script.

Webscripts: WebCem

WebCem Help help.

The WebCem is designed to give a professional looking transcript for individuals, families, groups, and organizations. It is an easy to use tool, to present cemetery transcriptions on the web. Designed to be easy to use, this application is web based and once configured provides an easy method to update transcription by simply uploading the updated database. Even if 10, 20, or even 100 entries are added it is only necessary to upload the database and any associated photos if pictures are being included. It is not necessary to upload all files every time, just the database and any photos that are being added or changed.

Buy this application today to present professional looking transcriptions for your website viewers.

For photos you want to watermark, use the free watermark utility. which creates watermarks on your photos on the fly without changing the actual images.

This script will work with or without pictures. This software script will work great as an on site method to view cemetery transcriptions at a historical society, share with family members, or use in a genealogy society's library.

It works with or without pictures, however when photos are included, these transcriptions become a valuable resource to researchers as well as an excellent way to preserve a cemetery.


To publish information on a web site in addition to this software you will need a FTP program, and a server on the web. Many Internet Service Providers have space that you can use as part of your normal account. There are many free FTP programs available on the Internet.


  • Easy to use.
  • Built in debug mode.
  • Professional looking web based transcriptions.
  • Individual pages can contain up to 3 photos per monument.
  • Template driven index, individual pages, and cemetery info page.
  • Customizable Pages and templates
  • Choose fields to display using templates.
  • Pages blend seamlessly into your site.
  • Customizable display: show index only, and/or individual pages and/or cemetery information pages.
  • Custom field display and sorting on index pages.
  • Easier to update changes to the database online.
  • Easy to follow instructions.

Live Example

This is a live example of WebCem produced transcripts.
Example: St John's Lutheran / Fletcher Cemetery.

Included with your purchase:

  • The WebCem web script licensed to you or your organization.
  • Instructions, online help, and useful tips.
  • **We will include a link and/or a page on our web site to the cemeteries you have transcribed.


  • A licensed copy of CemEditor3
  • *FTP program
  • **Web Hosting Service which includes:
    • Apache Web Server
    • PHP 5.X Recommended
    • Ioncube Installed
    • Curl Enabled
    • PDO Installed
*   Free FTP clients are available on the internet.
** Most web hosting services will have these requirements, even many free web hosting areas.

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