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CemToBOOK Version 1

This program is an add on utility for the CemEditor to create fully indexed books from the cemetery databases. (CemToBOOK - Sold Separately)


See the CemEditor Recommended Download

Version 1.1.0005

  • ADDED: Explore button.
  • ADDED: CemToBOOK now displays in the task bar while being used.

Version 1.1.0004

This version was not released. It is listed here as documentation only.
  • Maintenance: An error was reported in the previous version causing the program to generate an error "13 Type Reference" when an entered row field was followed by a blank row field.This update accounts for and prevents this error from occuring.

Version 1.1.0003

  • ADDED: Option to add line space between each entry.
  • CORRECTED: The program was skipping a page number when a new row was encountered at the bottom of a page. This update corrects this error

Version 1.1.0002

  • CemToBOOK was not printing the row header when the new row began at the very top of a new page. This version corrects this error.
  • Header and Footer enabled.
  • Program now automatically opens folders containing the "Book" and "Contents" file when finished.

Original Version 1.1.0001

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