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Installing the CemEditor3 Software

Place your CD in the CD-Drive. It should automatically start installing the software. You can also start the setup program by Clicking on START, then RUN, then type "d:/CEM-EDITOR-SETUP/setup.exe"

  • Once the main program has been setup:
  • Go to your My Documents folder
  • Create a new folder called "CEMETERY" or another name if you prefer
  • Click on the "CEMETERY" Folder you have just created to open it.
  • (OPTIONAL)Make a new folder named "ADMIN"
  • (OPTIONAL)Now copy the folder from the CD named "CEM-VIEW-SETUP" to the "ADMIN" folder(These are the setup files you will distribute)

After these steps it will look similar to this screen shot. cem-edit-installation-view-1 (36K)

This completes the installation of your new software. If you want to also install the CemViewer software at the time simply Click on the CEM-VIEW-SETUP folder and click on Setup.exe.

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