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Help Final Steps In Publishing Your Cemetery Transcriptions

Step 1 - Checking For Mistakes Comments and Questions

Using the Report Tab look open questions "?" report and comments "!" report. These reports will list any data that you may want to edit again. See Editing and Adding Data for tips on uses of the "?" and "!" Tags.

Look over your records for accuracy etc...

Step 2 - Encrypting Your Pictures

Encrypting Photos

Step 3 - Protecting Your Database

NOTE: If using version 2 or higher skip steps 3 and 4 and use the CemToCD to automatically create and publish distributions.

Protecting Data Files

Step 4 - Creating the Publish.TAG file

NOTE: If using version 2 or higher skip steps 3 and 4 and use the CemToCD to automatically create and publish distributions.

Publish.TAG file

Step 5 - Making The CD Distribution

NOTE: If using version 2 or higher automatically create and publish distributions. Once the distribution is created use CD or DVD burning software to copy the contents of the distribution folder to the CD or DVD.

There are a variety of programs available on the market to write to CDs. These instructions will list the files that need to be put on a distribution CD or DVD. There is an example of Pre-Distribution and Distribution Files located on your CD.

Windows XP has it built in. Google for "CD Burning Software" there many programs listed.

Files To Distribute

This is a list of the files, their extension, and where they need to be placed on the CD or directory/folder.
These are the minimum files and folders that must be included:
--- SomeCemeteryName-P.mdb (File)
--- Starter.BOX (File)
--- Publish.TAG (File)
-------- Picture1.enc (File)
-------- Picture2.enc (File)
-------- etc...
-------- Setup.exe (File - The CemViewer Setup)

Other files may be included, but the above are the minimum necessary for the 
CemViewer Application to work correctly

Note that the pictures you distribute MUST have the ".enc" file extension.

If you want to include the JPG or BMP files that is ok too, but the ENC files must be present for the CemViewer to read them correctly. The regular pictures can be included too but the ENC files must be present

Note that the database you distribute has the "-P" in its name.

This database has been Password Protected. The password protected database must also be included with your distribution for it to work correctly. The database without password protection can be included with your distribution but the CemViewer will not open it.

Note Starter.BOX and Publish.TAG

The CemEditor will automatically create these files for you. They must be included for the CemViewer to work correctly.

CemViewer Setup Files

You MAY distribute the CemViewer Setup files with your Transcriptions either in a folder called setup or on a disk of its own. You MAY NOT distribute the CemEditor Application Setup Files with your transcriptions.
To insure you are distributing the most current CemViewer files you may download an copy from the Downloads page.

The CemViewer Setup.exe must be included with your distribution either on the CD containing the Cemetery database or on a separate CD. The setup.exe is required for installation of the CemViewer. See the Example distribution on your CD.

If you choose not to include the setup.exe than instructions should be given on how to download a copy from out web server.

The files created with the CemEditor need the CemViewer installed to be used on your distributions.

Test Your Files

Put your final CD in the CD drive and open it using the CemViewer. Test it.

Congratulations! You have published a cemetery transcription and in that process preserved a cemetery.

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