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Help - Installing

Download and "Quick Web Installs"

Instructions are included with the download.

CemToPictureBOOK is written with Microsoft's new .NET technology. The .NET Framework is included with the installation CDs and automaticaly installs as part of the setup. The quick web installs will work only if a full install of this program has already been installed on your system. If you have any questions regarding installation we are always ready to help.

Full install on CD

Place the CemEditor CD in the CD tray. It should automatically start installing the software. Make sure to install the program to the same location that the CemEditor is installed in. (C:\Program Files\cemeditor)

Additional Requirements For The .NET Framework

  • Windows version 98 or newer
  • Internet Explorer version 5.01 or newer Download The latest version from Microsoft.

You do not need to install the items listed below unless installation program asks you to do so.

It is only necessary to download the packages below if they are not already installed on your system. They only need to be installed once. These packages are included on the CD Versions to avoid downloading them.

Once these are installed the computer should be able to run any program that is written using Microsoft's new .NET technology.

  • Microsoft's Net Framework - Download - This package contains the files that allow the new .NET programs and software to run on your computer.
  • Microsoft's Data Access Objects - Download Windows XP users already have this installed as part of the operating system. Other software may have already installed this if you are using another operating system such as Windows 98, ME NT etc.. You do not need to install Data Access Objects unless the installation program asks you to.
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