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The CemViewer offers three methods for searching through the transcriptions:

  • Search For Names
    • The asterisk may be used with the name searches to search for unknown characters.
    • To search for "Brown" --> Type Brown in the Lastname search box.
    • To search for all entries containing "BR" -->Type *BR* in the Lastname search box.
  • Search for Sections and Rows
    • The Section field may be search as described above.
    • The Row field normally contains only numbers.
  • Custom Searches
    • See below for Instructions

Custom Searches

This area may seem difficult at first glance, but the examples should help. The program has been designed with a powerful feature to allow the users of the software to select records base on their own criteria.

EXAMPLE-1: Select all last names of Jones and Smith

  • lastname="jones" OR lastname="smith"

EXAMPLE-2: Select all monuments with last names beginning with Ka and Sm

  • ENTER (Use an asterisk *)
  • lastname LIKE "ka*" OR lastname LIKE "sm*"

EXAMPLE-3: Select all monuments in a Church Cemetery

  • ENTER (Use an asterisk *)
  • cemetery LIKE "church cemetery*"

EXAMPLE-4: Select all monuments with last names beginning with Smith in Church Cemetery

  • ENTER (Use an asterisk *)
  • lastname="smith" AND cemetery="church cemetery*"

EXAMPLE-5: Select all entries that contain the word VETERAN in either the Notes or the Other field.

  • ENTER (Use an asterisk * before and after the word)

CemViewer Fields

The following fields may be searched using custom searches.

  • LastName
  • Given (First and/or Middle name, Maiden name etc)
  • Birth
  • Death
  • YR
  • MO
  • DA
  • Cemetery
  • Section
  • Row
  • Lot
  • Stone
  • Notes
  • Other
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