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The OVS-Viewer, also know as, CemViewer is the free program that is distributed with the files created by the CemEditor and ObitEditor. It is used to view and search cemetery transcriptions and obituaries.


To try it: download a small example cemetery. Copy the files in this zip file to your "My Documents" folder or another location that is easy to remember. Also download the full installation file below. After the OVSViewer is installed open the "Example-Cemetery-P.mdb" using the CemViewer portion of the viewer.

Download Updates

To check your version simply click on the Help-About Menu in the CemViewer or the ObitViewer screens.

Current Version

Works with all previous versions.

(OVSViewer 1.0.0002) Download The Quick Web Update - This is an easy to install update. Download this version if you already have the CemViewer or OVS-Viewer installed on your computer.

(OVSViewer 1.0.0002) Download The FULL Install including DAO Files size: 4.9 MB (This newest version should be distributed with distribution CDs)

OVS-Viewer 1.0.0002

May 12, 2012

  • FIXED: Custom Search & Location Search was not displaying. This release corrects the issue and allows custom searches and location searches.

OVS-Viewer 1.0.0001

May 10, 2012

  • Maintenance: Version not released

CemViewer Version 2.2.0000 NOW OVS-Viewer 1.0.0000

October 26, 2009

  • The CemViewer is being transitioned into the OVS-Viewer which can open both CemViewer files and ObitViewer files this update contains the OVS-Viewer version 1.0.0000 (CemViewer 2.2.0000, ObitViewer 1.0.0000). The ObitViewer and the CemViewer both use the to launch the viewer.

Version 2.1.0003b

October 21, 2009

  • INSTALLATION ERROR: A rare error on Vista systems "Error 52 Bad file name or number". This error occurs during installation and is caused by a registry entry that occurs only when the CemViewer is not launched after install, or run previously to trying to start using the from CD or distribution folders. The CemViewer still corrects the registry entries automatically when started from the Start menu and this has not changed in this update. This is an update to the setup file to avoid this error in Vista systems even if the CemViewer is not run before using the file.
  • On previous versions of the CemViewer, the setup versions do not remove the version information from the add and remove programs screen in windows. Before installing this update it is necessary to uninstall previous version to remove them from the list, but will not be necessary on any future versions.

Version 2.1.0003a

August 6, 2009

  • UNREPORTED INSTALLATION ERROR: An error on Windows Vista Systems "c:\windows\system32\stdole2.tlb unable to register..." was occuring after the update to Inno 5.2.3 -- This error only occured during setup and the setup could be continued without problems by choosing to ignore the error. This is only a setup error and the actual program features have not changed. If version 2.1.0003 is already running on your system then it is not necessary to download this update.

Version 2.1.0003

June 12, 2009

  • MAINTENANCE: Better error handling code added.
  • FIXED: Images 2 and 3 display with better scaling on the CemInfo screen.
  • Setup compiled with Inno 5.2.3 for additional Vista compatibility and to prevent false nod 32 alarms.

Version 2.1.0002

February 7, 2008

  • MAINTENANCE: Button for "Image 1" is now disabled when there is no image available. This is already the existing behavior of the buttons for the other images.

Version 2.1.0001

November 20, 2007

  • MAINTENANCE: Compiled with new compiler.

Version 2.0.0007

November 9, 2007

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • ADDED: ability to read custom field names for modified custom field names.

Version 2.0.0006

October 18, 2007

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • LINUX USERS: All features including cutting and pasting work using WINE. WINE install script created.
  • NEW FEATURE: Photos from Cemetery Info Screen can now be copied to the clipboard.
  • FIXED: Search boxes can now find names that include apostrophes without having to use the asterisk wildcard.

Version 2.0.0005

February 26, 2007

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • Cemetery Information Screen Photos would not display on some network drives due to a path problem. No bug reports have been received regarding this, but this was corrected.

Version 2.0.0004

February 1, 2007

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • NEW FEATURE: "Show Street Map" Button on Cemetery Information Screen.

Version 2.0.0003

January 13, 2007 - This version was not released.

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • Transcription Photos would not display on some network drives due to a path problem. No bug reports have been received regarding this, but this was corrected.

Version 2.0.0002

March 29, 2006

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • Added: The small photos on the Cemetery Information Sheet can now be viewed as larger photos by clicking on the photo.

Version 2.0.0001

The installer is version 2.0.0001a.

February 8, 2006

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • The version of the install file is the only change.
  • This version of the installer can install on LINUX (UBUNTU, XANDROS, LINSPIRE, etc) systems using WINE or Crossover Office.

Version 2.0.0001

September 28, 2005

  • Compatible with all previous versions.
  • Added: Access to the new CemEditor2 Fields. (The additional fields will only display with databases created with CemEditor2)

Previous Versions

Version 1.6.033

Aug 26, 2005

  • General code maintenance.

Version 1.6.032

  • Fixed: Searches on "Given" names now work correctly.

Version 1.6.031

  • Fixed: Some users were receiving this error message: "Error 13" and photos would not display. This error only occurs only on the original (Initial Release) CemViewer databases. This update corrects the error and allows the pictures to display.

Version 1.6.030

  • Fixed: Some users were receiving this error message: "Error accessing file" followed by a filename. This error only occurs on those databases that contain pictures in locations other than the main picture folder. This update corrects the error and allows the pictures to display.

Version 1.6.029

  • Added: Cleaner appearance of transcriptions. Easier to cut and paste into existing documents.
  • Added: Custom search box.

Version 1.6.028

  • Additional cemetery information can now be displayed using the CemViewer. This applies to databases created with version 1.6.0033. The CemViewer will work with all versions of the CemEditor databases.
  • This update also corrects the error 3142 when selecting/ searching for rows or sections only.

Version 1.6.27

  • The last update disabled pictures Image 2 and Image 3 in the CemViewer. This update allows all three images to be viewed.

Version 1.6.26

  • FIXED: This update corrects the disabled MoveLast and MoveFirst buttons when no picture files are present. The buttons are now enabled

Version 1.6.25

  • FIXED: Some user were experiencing an error when clicking on the about menu item. This has been corrected.
  • FIXED: Publishers were receiving a "Run time error 5 invalid procedure call" when opening the unprotected database file. This has been corrected.
  • An improvement to the CemEditor database caused the published files to sort incorrectly. The CemViewer now handles the sort properly.

Version 1.5.5

  • Help Menu Added
  • Sort order now correctly handles multiple Cemeteries on sort by location.

Version 1.5.1

This version has many improvements from suggestions of current users.
  • Pictures now display in correct proportions on the viewer.
  • Some computers were experiencing a 2004 error. Error is fixed in this update.

Original Version 1.0.0

Some systems receiving 2004 error - or User action cancelled error.
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