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Editing - File Location and Placement

The ObitEditor and ObitToCD will automatically prepare the files for the images and the CD distribution. The information below is for general knowledge and for advanced users that may want to work outside of the automatic tools.

The ObitEditor and OVSViewer are dependent on files being in the right locations for the database and viewers to work correctly.

If you have a obituary named "NameOfObituary" that you are transcribing then you will want to make a folder and name it "NameOfObituary".

If you want to put pictures in sub-folders of the "IMAGES: folder you can, but you will need to enter the sub-folder and picture name in the OVSViewer.


When you encrypt the files they will end up with a .enc as the file name extension.
The OVSViewer looks for a .enc picture file.
The ObitEditor looks for the filename you type in.
Folder & Directory Structure:
 My Documents (Folder)
 --MY_OBITS (Folder)
 ------FamilyObituary (Folder)
 -------------FILE: FamilyObituary.mdb  (File)
--------------IMAGES (Folder)
--------------------pic1.jpg (File)
--------------------pic2.jpg (File)
See the example on the cd -- it is helpful to showing where the files need to be.
It might even help to copy the example directly to your hard drive to work on it.
If you want picture sub folder of IMAGES then enter the sub folder name and the picture name.
No sub folder (Pictures are in IMAGES/Picture1.jpg)

ObitEditor Image Field:   Picture1.jpg

With Sub Folder (Pictures are in IMAGES/Obituary1/Picture1.jpg)
ObitEditor Image Field:  Obituary1/Picture1.jpg
Type the exact name of the file in the Image / Picture fields (Not the whole filename)

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