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Step-By-Step Guide - Obituary Transcriptions

Step 1 - Photographing Obituaries

There are copyright issues involved with directly scanning information from the newspaper. A simple way to avoid the copyright issue is to take a picture of the entire obitituary with your camera. If you are worried about the legality of using the information either ask for permission or research to find a legal way to use it. The ObitEditor can hold three pictures per entry.

Step 2 - Create a new database and folders.

How to create a new databases.

Step 3 - Transfer Photos to your computer.

Consult your camera or scanner's manual.

Step 4 - Copy photos.

The photos may be transfered directly to the "IMAGES" folder from your camera in Step 3 or copied to this folder if they were transferred to another folder. The ObitEditor will allow files to be copied into the correct folder automatically using drag and drop.

Step 5 - Rename Pictures

  • Open the ObitEditor and click on the "First Steps" tab.
  • Click on the "Rename Files" button.
  • See Help - Renaming Files.

Step 6 - Add, Edit, or Import Data

This is the step where the transcribing begins.

Step 7 - Back up your data.

  • The ObitEditor currently has no "built-in backup function" other than backing up database before importing. To back-up your data file copy the access file with the "DB" file extension to a floppy drive or CD. Back up the pictures separately since they will change less frequently than the database file.

Step 8 - Printing the "Edit Reports"

The "Edit" reports are designed to be a printable draft copy of your obituaries. There is room to pencil in notes and corrections to your information. Use these reports to the check the accuracy of your information. These reports are not designed for publishing. For publishing options see step 10.

Step 9 - Make corrections

See Step 6 to 8 above

Step 10 - Publishing The Obituaries

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