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Installation FAQs

Q: Where is the help for CemEditor located?
A:You can find the CemEditor help here: CemEditor help.

Q: I receive the following error message when installing the software:
"error message"
unable to register the DLL/OCX:local library failed; code 1157, one of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found

This problem may also show itself as "User Canceled" or "Unable to create" message. To verify this error view (with notepad) the run.log which is located in c:\Program Files\cemeditor. If error 3170 is in the log follow Method 2 (below).

A:This is a windows configuration error and is not caused by the CemEditor or its installer.

In most cases this problem is due to an old version of some VB6xx.DLL file (Where xx are two letters corresponding to some language, for instance VB6DE.DLL for Dutch, VB6FR.DLL for FRench, VB6ES.DLL for Spanish, etc.) This files are located in the "System" or "System32" folder of Windows, and there are two different methods to fixing the problem:

  • Method 1
    1. Updating them with a newer version. You can download here a good version of the VB6DE.DLL and the VB6ES.DLL (Other languages should be available on Internet)
    2. Or simply renaming them as VB6xx.DLL.BAK (for instance), so that they are no longer used by the system.

      To find the vb6 files simply use windows explorer and use search with vb6*.dll as the filename(s)

      After any of the two above options you always have to reboot your computer. If you don't find any VB6xx.DLL file in your hard disk or the problem is not fixed using the procedure above, then proceed with the following steps:

  • Method 2 (Recommended Method) Download and install MDAC 2.8 or newer and the latest service pack of JET 4.0. You can download both from Microsoft's site at:

Q: What does this message mean when installing a program. "An access violation occurred while copying the file".
A:You have an older version of the installation program. Download a newer version to correct correct this error.

Q: I want to install the CemEditor on My Desktop and Lap top. Does your software license allow this?
A: You can install the software on the computer(s) you are going to use it on.

Other FAQs

Q:When importing, the version 2 import utility is not importing all the data in a particular column.
A:Update your software with version

Q:Our headstones have several names on them. How do I enter these in the CemEditor?
A: Enter each individual as a separate data entry. Keep the stone numbers the same for all entries on the same stone.

Q: How many characters can a field (text / entry box) hold?
A:For a summary of the field sizes and suggested use see Edit and Add Data in the help files CemEditor help files.

Q: I cannot view pictures in the CemEditor. It shows "No Picture." Do the pictures need to be in a specific place?
A: Yes, the pictures do need to be in a specific folder Named ALSPWO. The ALSPWO folder needs to be in the same folder as the database that you are organizing pictures from. See the example cemetery on your CD. It may be helpful to copy the example cemetery to your computer. See help File Locations

Q:Why do I have a publisher number?
A:The publisher number is your license to publish working cemeteries surveys using our software. Your Publisher number is included with the Publish.Tag files when you distribute your surveys. If you cannot get one of your published CDs to work be sure to check that you have included this file

Q:The program will not create a new database on my computer and it fails to load the Publisher Registration File. All I receive is an "Action Cancelled by User" error.
A: Download an update. Versions 1.52 and forward should not experience this error.

Q:I received an error. What do I do?
A:It is very rare to receive an error using this program but if you received an error message from the CemEditor, please contact us at and we will help you. We offer free support 24/7 all week long. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. We normally respond within 1 to 2 hours during day time hours.

Please include a description of you problem and send us the error message you received. Tell us what you were doing when the error occurred and if you send your telephone number we can contact by telephone if we are unable to resolve the error by email.

Q:I received an error #9 when importing. What do I do?
A:Download the latest update to correct this error.

Q:I received a "Run time error 5 invalid procedure call" when opening a cemetery database in the CemViewer
A:First make sure you have opened the correct database. If you receive this error look for a database on your CD with the"-P" or "Cemetery-P.MDB"
This error occurs when a database that is not protected is trying to be opened in the CemViewer.
See the Publish to CD help file.
Download the CemViewer version 1.6.25 update or later version to prevent this error.

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