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Importing Data

This utility transfers files from other software into the CemEditor. It has the ability to import "csv" files. CSV means comma separated values. These files are a very common format that many programs can export or save to or from.

If all the data in a column is not importing properly for you please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Setting up your Excel or CSV File

See the templates and Excel formulas

If you already have information stored in a spread sheet file like Microsoft Excel you can import your information instead of re-entering it.

Data Field Sizes

See Edit and Add Data for field sizes.

Very little setup is required

  1. Make a copy of the Excel or other file you want to import
  2. Open the copy, not the original file.
  3. Change the file so the very first row of the spreadsheet are the titles of the columns. (The first row must be the titles of the columns)
  4. Add a column for "Cemetery" name and fill in the Cemetery name in each row. This can be done easily by typing one and cutting and pasting to the rest of the rows.
  5. Add a column for "Row" if you do not already have this column and fill it with data. Recommended: Enter "0" or "1" if you do not maintain row numbers.
  6. Add a column for "Section"if you do not already have this column and fill it with data. Recommended: Enter "0" or "1" if you do not maintain section information
  7. When you are done editing the spreadsheet:
    1. Click on "File" then "Save As"
    2. Select CSV as the file type.
      • (See the spreadsheet program help for exact method for your spreadsheet program)
      • (Seethe screen shot below for Excel method)
    3. Close the program that you were using to edit the CSV file.
    4. You are ready to import.

help-csv-import-excel-screenshot (82K)

Importing the CSV File

Using the CemEditor Program:

From the upper right had side of the CemEditor screen, click on the "CSV Import / Export" tab.

help-excel-csv-import-screenshot-version2 (33K)

Importing Data using version 1

Importing Data using version 2

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