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Install Troubleshooting the installation


This error applies to versions before 1.6.0001

You may try the steps below or simply download the new Full Download including DAO libraries.

During installation I received this message:

"An access violation occurred while copying the file".

  • This usually affects one of these files:
  • C:\windows\system\olepro32.dll
  • C:\windows\system\msvcrt40.dll
  • C:\windows\system\msvcrt20.dll


This error usually occurs for the above files when they are in use by another running program on your computer.
This is often caused by other programs running while trying to install the CemViewer or CemEditor. This prevents shared files from being updated because they are currently in use and has caused you to receive this message. You may choose to ignore and continue the installation (Not Recommended), or shut down the other applications causing the error. If you see this message, you should exit all running programs following the steps below, then retry the installation. Once the installation is complete you may re-start the other applications.

Solution 1

You need to close the running applications before running a setup program. In some cases, you may have to close programs running in your system tray (Bottom - right on the taskbar), and those that appear on the main taskbar. Microsoft Office the Office Fast-Start may be using these OLE files. To determine which programs are running, press Control-Alt-Delete ONCE. Remove the items from the list by pressing. "End Now" Do not press Control-Alt-Delete twice unless you want the system to restart.

Solution 2

Try this if Solution 1 does not work.

Read this link at Microsoft.

In the middle of the page there is a link to download a process explorer. Follow that link and download the explorer for your version of Windows.

Download and install the Process Explorer.
  • Run the explorer:
  • Click on Find "Olepro32.DLL" or the name of the file for which you are receiving the above message.
  • The explorer will display the program using the file and preventing installation.
  • Select the program using the file and Click on "Kill Process"
  • Run the installation of the CemViewer or CemEditor. (The error message should not display)
  • Restart your computer.
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