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CemEditor Version 1

To check your version simply click on the Help-About Menu in the CemEditor.

Version 1.6.0041

  • ADDED: Compatibility for easier conversion to Version 2

Version 1.6.0040

August 12, 2005

  • ADDED: Picture fields now highlight when mouse is over actual picture.
  • ADDED: Instructions for loading picture now display on picture box when there is no picture to display.
  • ADDED: "Calculate Birth Date", in the "Tools" menu, will connect to our online birth date calculator. (Information is manually entered once online)
  • ADDED: "Search for Current Entry Online",added to the "Tools" menu, automatically sends the name and dates to our online search tool.

Version 1.6.0039

July 19, 2005

  • ADDED: CemToPictureBOOK Button added to the Edit/Reports tab.

Version 1.6.0038

April 20, 2005

  • ADDED: Program now has an option in the help menu to check for updates automatically.
  • FIXED: Image selection dialog was displaying too large for some screens.

Version 1.6.0037

  • ADDED: The CemEditor now opens the folder / directory of the database that is currently being used in the CemEditor when opening the CemToHTM, CemToBook, FileRenamer Version 1.0.0003 or greater, and the FileCrypter Version 1.1.2003 or greater.
  • ADDED: When creating a new database the ALSPWO (Images Folder) is automatically created.

Version 1.6.0036

March 21, 2005

  • ADDED: File menu now keeps track of up to 10 recently opened files in the CemEditor.
  • Fixed: Image 2 was not displaying correctly vertical oriented images correctly. This update corrects this.

Version 1.6.0034

  • Maintenance: Improvements to use less memory.
  • Fixed: Image 2 was not displaying correctly. This update corrects this.

Version 1.6.0033

  • ADDED: Cemetery Information Screen now has a "Copy" button to copy the Cemetery name in the search field to the Cemetery Field.
  • ADDED: 3 picture fields and views to the Cemetery Information Screen.
  • ADDED: Double Clicking on the file name in the "Select Image Dialog" automatically returns the selected picture to the CemEditor Picture without having to click on "OK".
  • ADDED: Button for the CemToHTM and CemToBOOK add-on utilities to the "Reports" tab.
  • ADDED: "Open Folder" button to the "Reports" tab.

Version 1.6.0032

February 3, 2005

  • ADDED: Publisher ID now displays in the Help-About dialog.
  • The update improves the first time loading of the CemEditor by reducing the number of dialog questions displayed. The program now prompts "Do you want to create a new database?"

Version 1.6.0031

January 12, 2005

  • This update is the completion of the addition from version 1.6.0030. Now when the ADD button is pressed it immediately updates the current entry. Then it sends the most recent entry to the Previous View column. Previously the program was sending the very last record to the previous view which works fine for adding records. This change will be helpful notice when adding records starting from the middle of the database.

    Example: It is discovered that a monument has a second person on it. Now when ADD button is clicked the "Previous View" column will show the monument that was just viewed. Click on the "Copy Last" button and fill in the specific details for the second person.

Version 1.6.0030

January 11, 2005

  • Added: When clicking on the ADD button an update of the current screen is automatic. This prevents Data loss when entering data. The update had to be performed manually by pressing the Update button or Arrows in previous versions.

Version 1.6.0029

December 28, 2004

  • New Installer on Full Download (11 MB). Installs samples that are on CD to the My Documents Folder
  • Added: Image boxes next and previous now work with all file names, not just those containing numbers.
  • Added: Image File lookup dialog by double-clicking on the image text box.
  • Fixed: When searching for names, rows, questions, or comments the editor would not update the last entered data. This has been corrected.

Version 1.6.0001

  • FIXED: Encrypted pictures were not displaying in the CemViewer when publishing. Update corrects this issue.

Version 1.6.0000

  • ADDED: Cemetery Information Data Page (One or Multiple Cemeteries, field for address, longitude, Latitude, etc.)
  • FIXED: Because of the new sort method in 1.5.9 some users were experiencing a 3464 Data Type Error. When using imported records. This has been corrected. Make sure to download the latest import updates too.
  • ADDED: Right Click on the other field and notes field to add common tags such as VETERAN, PLOT MARKER, etc...

To check your version simply click on the Help-About Menu in the CemEditor.

Version 1.5.9

  • ADDED: Prints Veteran Reports
  • A feature was included to add "A99.JPG" as a default image when clearing images in the original version. This has been removed from all the picture fields. Clearing an image now leaves a blank field in all the picture fields.
  • The Last name Report is now the Last name and Info Report. In addition to the Last names it will also print 10 of the Oldest Death Years and 10 of the Most Recent Death years.
  • Data Sorting Corrected. On previous version numbers were sorting in this order 1,10, 100, 2, 20, 200 etc... unless a leading zero or zeros were included. 01 or 001 for 1 is what would have needed to be entered. This behavior is corrected for the ROW and STONE. For the the other location fields: CEMETERY, LOT, SECTION that could be text or numbers you will still need to pad the numbers with zeros. (EXAMPLE if there are 20 sections then number 1 = 01, if there are 100 sections 1=001 etc...) This behavior is expected because text or numbers can be entered.
  • Increased speed.Run Log now turns off when it is turned off.

Version 1.5.8

  • Import Button is now on Import Tab
  • A feature was included to add "A99.JPG" as a default image when clearing images in the original version. This has been removed. Clearing an image now leaves a blank field.
  • The "ADD" Button was automatically copying the last record viewed. Now after "ADD" is pressed "Copy Last" must me pressed. This change was made to give more control to the user.
  • Cleaned up visual Appearance.
  • NEW FEATURE ADDED: DOUBLE CLICKING on the NOTE, OTHER or CEMETERY field will open an editor window with a larger area to enter your information. This change was made due to a suggestion.

Version 1.5.7

  • Added a Jump To Button to go directly to a record.
  • Corrected 800 X 600 display settings.
  • The Edit Names, Edit Rows, Edit Questions, and Edit Comments now automatically load the data to the current view without clicking on the navigation buttons.
  • Added Transcription Print which includes the following:
    • Prints the data and pictures in the current view.
    • Main Picture is printed Large, Addition 2 pictures printed small.
    • Prints the Transcription Information including notes and other field.
  • See important update for the Cem-Import below.

Version 1.5.6

  • Added ability to display in 800 X 600, 1024 X 768.(Menu Option) It will also work in higher resolution settings.
  • Field length for Given Name and Last Name now 40 characters each on newly created databases. (This should not affect previous databases that have been created.) (Keep in mind the previously created databases are still 30 characters each for these fields.)
  • Field length for Image1, Image2, & Image3 now 50 characters each on newly created databases. (This should not affect previous databases that have been created.) (Keep in mind the previously created databases are still 25 characters each for these fields.)
  • Check box on First Steps Tab added to keep data sizes at correct sizes for each version.

Version 1.5.5

  • Added Menu Item to go directly to the updates page.
  • Added Hot key "F1" -- Loads Help
  • Import Button Fixed

Version 1.5.4

This version has many improvements from suggestions of current users.
  • Pictures now display in correct proportions on the viewer and editor.
  • New Data Navigation Bar
  • Help Bar gives more detail
    • Shows sort order in help bar
    • Shows field length in help bar.
    • Shows path where images should be located in help bar.
  • Copy last button for each individual field in addition to the regular copy last button.
  • Automatic update & save on exit.
  • Error corrected when entries were longer than data fields. (Addition validation may be added if asked for)
  • Validator shows info for all fields when turned on and is only activated by the update button.
  • The navigator properly saves your changes when moving from stone to stone using the arrows.
  • Sort now includes Cemetery name
  • A new report for a full alphabetical listing.
  • Added Delete log to track deletions from your cemetery data.
  • Cleaned up some code to smooth operation.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added
  • Pictures now display in correct proportions on the viewer and editor.
  • 2004 error corrected User action Cancelled error corrected.
  • Run log (Able to turn it on and off)

Original Version 1.0.0

Some systems receiving 2004 error - or User action cancelled error.
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