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Version 1.6.0031 and before.

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Getting Started

See the example files on the CD.

To open the Editor click on Start-Programs-CemEditor. If you are planning on importing a file from Excel by using a Comma Separated File (*.CSV) it will be explained below.

The CemEditor will be unable to find a database when it is opened for the very first time. (An upgrade to the CemEditor will do this automatically)

  • A Message will display --"Please open a valid database or create a new database". --> Click on "OK".
  • The Open menu will display. -->Click on "Cancel".
  • The Editor will display "Please open a valid database." --> Click on "OK".
  • The editor will then prompt "Do you want to try to locate the file again? " --> Click on "NO"
  • It will than prompt "Do you want to create a new database?" -->Click on "Yes"
  • The create new database dialog will open.
    • Navigate to My Documents and click on the "CEMETERY" folder you created earlier.
    • Create a New Folder and name it "NAME OF CEMETERY"
      • Open the "NAME OF CEMETERY" Folder
      • Create one more folder name "ALSPWO" (This is the folder your pictures are placed in.)
      • Make sure your are viewing the "NAME OF CEMETERY" folder
      • Type in "NAME OF CEMETERY.MDB" and click on "Open"

The program will open and you are now ready to edit or import files.

Make sure to copy your pictures to the "ALSPWO" Folder so the CemEditor and CemViewer can locate them to display.

ONE MORE IMPORTANT STEP. ( You only need to do this once)

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