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Exporting Data

This utility transfers files from the CemEditor to a "CSV" file. CSV means comma separated values. These files are a very common format that many programs can open.

Version 2 of the export utility will export both the transcriptions and the cemetery information.

Exporting to a CSV File

Using the CemEditor Program:

From the upper right had side of the CemEditor screen, click on the "CSV Import / Export" tab. Press the "Export to CSV" button.

The image below is for the CemEditor Versions up to 2.0.0002.

help-excel-csv-import-screenshot-version2 (33K)


Versions 2.0.0002 and above see Version 2 help.

cem-edit-cemetery-export-screen-shot2-version1 (58K)

Two steps are required.

  • Select a data file to work with:
    • Press the "Select File" button
    • or use the file that is automatically loaded by the CemEditor.
  • Choose the export file names:
    • Press the "Select File" button --"Export To:" file.
  • Press the "Export" button.

When the utility is finished exporting the file you may open the output file in another program such as Microsoft Excel or a plain text editor.

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